Miss West Virginia Sweetheart

Optional Pageant

December 4 - 5, 2021

Mill Event Center  

431 South Columbus Street 

Lancaster, Ohio 43130


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The USA National Miss West Virginia Sweetheart Local Pageant is an opportunity for girls  and women ages 1-55 to experience the USA National Miss West Virginia State Pageant  with no commitment. It is a way to participate in Interview, Casual Wear, and Evening  Gown and get first-hand experience and receive the judge’s comments. Sweetheart  Pageants are local events.  

Age Divisions: Tiny Princess 1-3, Jr. Princess 4–6, Princess 7–9, Preteen 10–12, Jr. Teen 13- 15, Teen 16-19, Miss 20-29, Ms. 30-39, Sophisticated Ms. 40-55 (The age at the time of the pageant determines each contestant’s age division.)


Registration Fee: $125  Email unmohmiwv@gmail.com to register. Please include contestant name, age, date  of birth, mailing address, and tee shirt size.  

Registration and Payment: Due by November 29, 2021. The fees will be invoiced.

Interview: Wear an interview outfit that reflects your unique personality. The Jr. Princess  and Princess will sit at the judges table for the interview which is 2 minutes. The Preteen,  Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., and Sophisticated Miss will stand in front of the judges for  their interview which is 2 minutes. The contestant may prepare a brief ice breaker  introduction to present to the judges as they enter the interview room. The interview  questions will be from a set list for each age division. 

*For the Tiny Princess Age Division, a state queen or the mom will escort the contestant to  the interview room to meet the judges. The judges will be looking for personality. If a  mom would like to escort a Tiny Princess, please wear business professional attire for  both interview and the on-stage events.  

Casual Wear: Work the runway in your favorite outfit to show your modeling ability.


Evening Gown: Wear an age-appropriate dress/gown of your choice. There is no  preferred type of evening gown, as we desire to let each delegate showcase their own  sense of fashion. Keep in mind that each delegate should look her age. Each  delegate will have their moment on the stage in evening gown competition, to show  their grace, poise, and elegance.  

Prizes: A winner in each age division will receive the 2022 Miss West Virginia Sweetheart  sash, beautiful crown, and trophy.  

Eligibility Rules: All contestants must be between the ages of 1–55 and be of moral  standing. You must reside in the United States. This is open to any state.  

Important Scoring Information: Tabulation software is used for scoring. Competition  scores are calculated as the judges post their individual scores online. The judges will  score the contestants as follows:  

• Community Service Donation (10%)* 

• Interview (30%) 

• Casual Wear (30%)  

• Evening Gown (30%)  

*All contestants are asked to donate one item for a local animal shelter. A donation of  one item will automatically include 10% for this portion of the scoring. More donations  are welcome too!  

Make-up Rules:

Ages 1-3: no make-up. 

Ages 4-9: Only powder, blush, lip gloss, and mascara are allowed during stage  competitions. No make-up is allowed during interview. No extensions or false lashes.  

Ages 10-12: Only powder, blush, lip gloss, and mascara are allowed during stage  competitions and interview. No extensions or false lashes.  

Ages 13 and up: Free to groom themselves as they wish.  

Please note if rules are not followed there will be deductions at the judge’s discretion.


Covid Waiver: Due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the USA  National Miss West Virginia Sweetheart Pageant, produced by Mulinex Productions, LLC,  is following the guidelines and adhering to the mandates imposed by federal, state,  and local governments. By participating in this event, you freely assume all risks, both  known and unknown, related to you and your child. 

Dressing Room: One wristband will be given to each contestant to be used by one female chaperone in the dressing room. There are absolutely no males allowed in the  dressing room. No photos are allowed in the dressing room.  

Event Tickets: There is a Winter Wonderland Gala on Saturday, December 4th from 7:00  p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at the Mill Event Center. The contestant attends for free. Additional  tickets are $10 each. This is a themed event, so the contestants are asked to wear red,  green, gold, or silver. The USA National Miss West Virginia State Pageant and Sweetheart  Pageant Show tickets are $20 each on Sunday, December 5th. Tickets will be sold at  the door as a cash only option. Friends and family are welcome to attend both the  Gala and UNM State Pageant Show.  

If you need a reservation for Saturday, December 4th, the host hotel is the Hampton Inn  located at 2041 Schorrway Drive, Lancaster, Ohio. Reservation link here

For additional information, please visit the state website at westvirgniapageantry.com  or email the USA National Miss State Director for Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, and West  Virginia, Stacey Mulinex at unmohmiwv@gmail.com or text 304-991-7929.  

*Please note judge’s comments will be emailed within ten days following the pageant.