USA National Miss Sweetheart

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Registration: TBA

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This is a natural pageant where contestants will be given the opportunity to be in the spotlight and learn more about UNM with its focus on positive pageantry and the official national platform, Inspire.  All contestants in every age division will compete in a formal and casual wear competition. The judges will be looking for a young lady who exudes confidence, grace, elegance, and charm on stage.  Girls will be allowed to pose in their casuals wear and gowns at two points during their walks, which allows them a chance to show their personality and impress the judges.

All contestants introduce themselves to the judges on stage.  The Junior Division contestants ages 4–12 will be required to state their name.  They can also share a fun fact about themselves, but this is optional.  The Senior Division contestants ages 13-25 will be required to state their name and share some fun facts about themselves.  There is 30-second maximum time allowance for the introduction. Judges may deduct points for introductions that exceed 30 seconds.  Judges will be looking for personality and stage presence during the introduction.


Gown styles may be full length, cocktail, or high low and should be age appropriate (e.g., no slits or bare midriffs for younger contestants).  Judges will be looking for a gown that is not too big, too short, too long, or too tight, but one that fits well and is flattering to the contestant. Choose a gown and shoes that you love, but ones that allow you to walk on the stage elegantly and make you feel beautiful and confident. 


Make-Up Rules:

Ages 9 and Under - Only powder, blush, lip gloss and mascara are allowed during stage competitions.

No makeup is allowed during interview. No extensions or false lashes.

Ages 10-12 - Only powder, blush, lip gloss, and mascara are allowed during stage competitions and

interview. No extensions and false lashes.

Ages 13 and Up - free to groom themselves as they wish.

Please Note: the use of additional make up other than what is allowed in the Jr. Division will result in

deductions at the judge’s discretion.


Age Divisions:

Tiny Princess 1-3

Jr. Princess 4–6

Princess 7–9

Preteen 10–12

Jr. Teen 13-15

Teen 16-19

Miss 20-25

The age at the time of the pageant determines each contestant’s age division.   

Registration Fee: $125

Optional Fees:      

  • Cover Model (most photogenic*):  $25

  • Interview (comments will be provided within 7 days):  $25

  • Prettiest Hair:  $10

  • Prettiest Smile:  $10

  • Best Personality:  $10

If you register for all five (5) optional events, the discounted price for all 5 entries is $50.

*Cover model picture should be a 5X7 or 8X10 and will be turned in at registration the day of the event. Please include contestant name and age division on the back of the photo.  Picture may include headshots or full body.  Photos should be of good quality and clarity.  Judges will be looking for personality, fashion sense, confidence, and beauty. Photos will be returned at the end of the pageant near the venue entrance.  Contestants are responsible for picking up their photos.

Registration and Payment:

Registration and fees for the USA National Miss Sweetheart Pageant will be due by March 14, 2022.


Tickets may be purchased at the door the day of the event for $10 each. Ticket availability will be on a first come, first serve basis.


The USA National Miss Sweetheart Pageant winner in each age division will receive a beautiful crown, sash, trophy, surprise gift bag, and a $100 credit towards the entry fee to the USA National Miss State Pageant, if they choose to compete.  All contestants will receive a participation trophy.  The Cover Model and Interview optional winners in each age division will receive a trophy. Prettiest hair, smile, and best personality in each age division will receive a medallion. The Sweetheart Pageant is non-binding, contract free, and a great opportunity to practice your skills prior to the upcoming state pageant season.  For more information about USA National Miss, visit

Eligibility Rules:

All contestants must be between the ages of 1–25, reside in the United States, be a US citizen, be in good moral standing, and never have been married. Additional eligibility rules will apply to compete at the state level pageant.

Important Scoring Information:

USA National Miss uses a tabulation software. Competition scores are calculated continually as the judges post their individual scores online. The judges will score the contestants as follows: 

  • Community Service Donation* (10%)

  • Introduction (10%)

  • Casual Wear (40%)

  • Formal Wear (40%)

*All contestants are asked to donate one item for the Fairfield Area Humane Society.  Donations may include cat or dog food, toys, litter, or fleece throws.  For a full list of donation items, visit  The donation of one item will automatically include a 10% for this portion of the scoring.

Covid Waiver:

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the USA National Miss Sweetheart Pageant, produced by Mulinex Productions, LLC, is following the guidelines and adhering to the mandates imposed by federal, state, and local governments. By participating in this event, you freely assume all risks, both known and unknown, related to you and your child.


Dressing Room:

One wristband will be given to each contestant to be used by one female chaperone in the dressing room. There are absolutely no males allowed in the dressing room.  No photos are allowed in the dressing room. Steamers are allowed in the dressing room.  Curling and flat irons are only permitted in the restroom areas.  If you have a hair and makeup person with you, an additional wristband will be issued for this person.   


Information to follow.

For additional information, please email the USA National Miss State Director for Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia, Stacey Mulinex at