USA National Miss West Virginia State Pageant

December 18, 2021


Parkersburg Art Center

725 Market St

Parkersburg, WV 26101

for more information on the venue visit:

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The 2021 USA National Miss Michigan Preteen, Gracie Lyn Johnson is excited to announce her personal platform as the theme for the 2022 USA National Miss Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia State Pageants, Share Your Crown! Please watch her video to learn more.

Age Divisions:

Jr. Princess 4–6, Princess 7–9, Preteen 10–12, Jr. Teen 13-15, Teen 16-19, Miss 20-25

Jr. Division:

Jr. Princess, Princess, and Preteen           

Sr. Division:

Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss

The competition required events include Runway, Evening Gown, and Interview.  The Senior Division delegates (Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss) will participate in an on-stage question. 


This is your opportunity to rock the runway! Compete in a runway fashion show modeling a red-carpet style outfit of your choice.  This fun and upbeat runway competition gives the delegates the freedom to showcase

their modeling and show their personality and unique sense of style and fashion.

Evening Gown: 

Wear a floor length gown of your choice. Each delegate should pick something they love and showcase their sense of fashion.  Keep in mind that each delegate should look her age.  Each delegate will have their moment in the spotlight in the evening gown competition, to show their grace, poise, and elegance.


Wear an interview outfit that reflects your unique personality.  Questions will come from your bio sheet. The bio sheet will be provided prior to the competition for completion.  The Jr. Princess and Princess interview is a round robin style interview.  The Preteen, Junior Teen, Teen, and Miss will be a panel interview.  Each delegate should prepare a brief ice breaker introduction to present to the judges as they enter the interview room.


On Stage Question: 

The Senior Division delegates will participate in an on-stage question for the final phase of competition that carries a small weight in the overall score.  This phase of competition provides the judges with another opportunity to hear from the delegates and provides the audience a glimpse of the delegate’s interview.

For contestants younger than 12, no makeup is encouraged as this is a natural pageant; however, light mascara and lip gloss are permitted on stage only.  Hair extensions are not allowed for the Junior Division.  The Senior Division (Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss) are permitted to groom themselves how they choose and may have full makeup, hair extensions, and spray tans.

Required Fees for the State Pageant 2022

  • Full Registration Fee: $400.00 (Early bird $100 off until 8/31/21*)

  • Ad Page for Program Book: $75.00 (one program book free to the delegate)

  • State Tee Shirt: $25.00

  • Each State delegate will receive two free tickets for the Gala for you and one guest.  Additional tickets are $10 each.

*Early bird cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Auction Basket

Each delegate will be required to bring a themed gift basket or item valued at a $75 retail value which will be auctioned off at the Gala Party.  Ideas include holiday themed baskets, family game night, coffee lover basket, sports enthusiast, pet lovers, gift cards, and beauty baskets. Proceeds from the auction support special events for royalty and national send-off parties.

Additional Items for State Pageant Weekend

  • Program                        $25.00 each

  • Gala Ticket                    $10.00 each

  • Finale Show Ticket       $20.00 each


Deadline Dates

UNM Michigan State Pageant              All required and optional fees due      October 29, 2021

UNM Ohio State Pageant                     All required and optional fees due      November 19, 2021

UNM Virginia State Pageant                Add required and optional fees due           November 19, 2021

UNM West Virginia State Pageant             All required and optional fees due      December 3, 2021

Please note all monies paid are non-refundable.  If there is an unforeseen circumstance that occurs and a delegate cannot compete, the State Director has the authority to transfer the registration fees to the next state pageant competition. 


Late applications will only be accepted if there are less than thirty delegates registered to compete for the State Pageant.  Please inquire at  The final application deadline will be the Monday prior to pageant weekend.  Please note in this case the delegate ad page will be printed separately and added to the back of the program.

Optional Fees for the State Pageant 2022

  • Casual Wear: $40.00

  • Fitness (Senior Division Only): $40.00 + Cost of required fitness tank $25

  • Talent*: $40.00

  • Spokesmodel*: $40.00

  • Super Model: $40.00 (Combines Cover Model & Runway Score)

  • Cover Model (photo submission): $40.00

  • Prettiest Hair: $15.00 (awarded in each age division)

  • Prettiest Smile: $15.00 (awarded in each age division)

  • Best Personality: $15.00 (awarded in each age division)

  • Miss Congeniality: Free

Bundle any three optionals (valued at $40) and receive the discounted price of $100. 


Bundle any three optionals (valued at $40) plus prettiest hair, smile, and best personality and receive the discounted price of $130.


*Talent and Spokesmodel competition will be a video submission of no more than 3 minutes for each optional.



All delegates must be a natural born female, never married and never been pregnant or had a child.

  • All delegates must be of good moral standing.

  • All delegates must reside in the United States and be a citizen.

  • All delegates may have never posed nude in any form of media.

  • All delegates must be between the ages of 4-25 as of June 1 during the national pageant year.


Your participation in the USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant indicates that you agree to all the rules and regulations set forth by our program.


Covid Waiver

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the USA National Miss State Pageants or Events produced by Mulinex Productions, LLC is following the guidelines and adhering to the mandates imposed by federal, state, and local governments. By participating in this event, you freely assume all risks, both known and unknown, related to you and/or your child.

The 2022 USA National Miss Queens Court for OH/MI/VA/WV

There will be a state queen crowned on stage in each age division as follows:  Jr. Princess, Princess, Preteen, Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss.  There will also be a People’s Choice award crowned on stage.  These six prestigious state titles are Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, or West Virginia per the state you reside in.  The People’s Choice titles will be Ohio/Midwest, Michigan/Wolverine State, Virginia/Commonwealth State, and West Virginia/Panhandle State.


Alternate titles will be awarded directly following the state pageant to the 1st runner-up if she so chooses to continue the journey to the national pageant.  These titles will be Ohio/Buckeye State, Michigan/Great Lakes, Virginia/Old Dominion, and West Virginia/Mountain State.


The State Director acknowledges there are legitimate situations or schedule conflicts that may present an issue in attending the state pageant.  If there is a special situation, you may send a request to to explain the situation.  The State Director will evaluate these requests and decide to advance you directly to the national pageant. If approved, this requires a full state registration payment of $400 and then you will be awarded an alternate title.


Prize Package*

The prize package for the six state queens including People’s Choice is:   

  • A stunning rhinestone USA National Miss crown.

  • Beautiful satin USA National Miss sash.

  • Flowers.

  • $550 paid by your State Director for your USA National Miss sponsorship fee.

  • Other sponsorships will include coaching and wardrobe.  Sponsorship information will be updated on the website as confirmed.


At the conclusion of the state pageant, the alternate titles that are awarded will receive:

  • A stunning rhinestone USA National Miss crown.

  • Beautiful satin USA National Miss sash.

  • Flowers.

  • Your USA National Miss sponsorship fee paid by your State Director and gift bag.


Please note USA National Miss and the State Director are not responsible for any prizes forfeited by the sponsors.

All-Inclusive National Package

State and Alternate Queens are responsible for the all-inclusive national package in the amount of $950 (details below).


All national delegates must purchase the National Package within 60 days of receiving their title. The national package is an incredible value at $950 and includes:


*Full color ad page
*Professional ad page design
*Opening number outfit
*Delegate ticket to Glamour Gala Dinner
*Delegate ticket to Pink Party
*Delegate ticket to Positive Pageantry Festival
*Delegate ticket to Casual Wear optional show
*Delegate ticket to Lifestyle & Fitness optional show
*Delegate ticket to Cultural Heritage optional show
*Delegate ticket to Preliminary show
*Delegate ticket to Final’s show


The value of the National Package is $1,149 which saves our delegates $199 with this all-inclusive pricing.

Please note there is a fee for a Fun Pass if family or friends want to attend the special parties and events. 


There is also a fee to purchase tickets for the optional and finals show. 

Delegates may attain sponsors to help with these required fees. The State Director will also assist with fundraiser opportunities for the queens that would like to participate.


Once the newly crowned state queen registers for the National Pageant, there will be full access to the delegate login at with all the information about the UNM National Pageant.


We pride ourselves in having one of the highest quality national pageant programs in the country, while remaining a great value for our delegates compared to other programs. Our award-winning program is highly regarded as one of the best national pageants in America.


For more information visit


State Queen Responsibilities

If you are an USA National Miss State Queen, then you exclusively represent this national system from the time you are crowned until the following state pageant where you will participate to complete your farewell and crown your successor.  USA National Miss demands excellence and professionalism from the state queens and their families.  USA National Miss is the home of Positive Pageantry.  UNM does not welcome drama.  If you have a question or a concern it should be taken directly to the State Director for assistance.  It is important for everyone to stay in their own lane.


UNM Queens are required to make two appearances each month. USA National Miss Queens support events, recruitment, serve the community, and should promote her own personal platform.


The State Director has the authority to allow UNM State Queens to participate in other local or state pageant events because of the importance of practice opportunities on stage.  However, this requires the approval of your State Director in advance.  If you would win a state title for another national level pageant system, then you would decide which system you want to represent.  UNM State Queens cannot participate in any other national level pageants prior to the UNM national pageant.


If you have any questions, please email for assistance.